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Swiftsure Law is your local family law firm serving clients in Victoria, Vancouver, and around the Province. 

Our legal team and extensive professional network provide a wealth of experience and resources for our clients in the area of family law.

Book an initial consultation today. Let us know your circumstances and concerns and you will receive personalized support and summary advice on how best to move forward with your case. You will leave your one-hour consultation knowing exactly what your rights and obligations are so that you can make informed decisions.



Every client we work with gets an upfront, Candid Conversation about the strength of their legal position and the anticipated costs and timelines to achieve a resolution. For Litigation clients,  a personalized Legal Map is created that lays out in detail what the steps to final resolution are and what needs to be done to get there. 

 Read more about the services we provide, or reach out to set up your initial consultation today:  

"John Nelson knows the details of the law and the legal process better than anyone I have encountered and his integrity is unquestionable.  He provided an overview of my complete case in a rational and direct manner.  This lawyer has your back and he knows what he is doing!"