Every time I refer to my house as “home” for my son, my ex gets angry. What should I say instead?

The word home is heavy and loaded. It implies safety, security and belonging. When you tell your son that he will be coming “home” soon you may be unintentionally implying that he isn’t at home when he is at his mother’s house. In my experience it is best dealt with in one of two ways:

First, you could make a point of using the same word “home” in reference to her house in front of her and your son. “I will be dropping him off at home on Sunday.” If she realizes that you use the same word to describe either residence, that should stop the hurt feelings.

Secondly, you could choose to simply refer to the houses as “my house” and “mom’s house” and not give either house the title of “home”.

Slowing down and thinking about the words you choose and how they affect the other person can really help improve your co-parenting relationship which ultimately benefits your child.

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