My ex is making me drive across the city during her parenting time. What should I do?

My ex contacts me often during her parenting time and asks me to bring various items for my son to use while at her house. I don’t mind sharing things, but I think she is using the items as an excuse to contact me and make me drive back and forth across the city during her parenting time. What should I do?

All co-parenting relationships have challenges. It sounds like your ex is pushing your boundaries and using the items that belong to your son as a reason to engage with you.

It is paramount that you maintain a respectful and productive relationship with your son’s mother, so discussing your concerns openly and honestly is the first step. You will likely need to set boundaries about how often you can drive to bring the items.

My suggestion is that you have a list of the most commonly used items that travel back and forth with your son at every exchange to avoid the hassle of mid-week item drop-offs. This may seem a bit rigid but will certainly defuse the situation and set the groundwork for a better co-parenting relationship.

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