Should I stay in my marriage for the sake of the children?

This is a complicated question and, as such, the answer requires careful consideration. One thing that some of us tend to forget is that children are usually more observant than we give them credit for. They can tell (even subconsciously) whether their parent is happy or not. The last thing we want as parents is for them to feel that they are the reason for our unhappiness or inability to live our lives the way that we want to. Children are, by their very nature, resilient and they can usually handle change better than adults do.

My advice is usually to choose what makes you the happiest and the most fulfilled in your life – if that means leaving a marriage then so be it. Our children look to us to model themselves after. If they can see us living our lives fully and actively seeking joy and peace, then they are more likely to seek those things for themselves as they grow up. In this business, we say that it is better to have a good divorce than an unhappy marriage.

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