Lawyers are expensive, but I really need the help! Do you have any tips on saving money? (Part 1)

In the legal world time really is money. Most law firms bill in 6-minute chunks of time.

The simplest way to save money on legal fees is to be as organized as possible. If you have your documents saved in digital form and labelled with the date and description this will save many hours of legal staff organizing things for you.

Keep your legal case and limited funds focused on the issues that mean the most for you. If you need to litigate on parenting issues, you may choose to settle the financial issues outside of court.

Be honest with your legal team about your concerns, they should work with you to find solutions.

Any guidance provided is not covered by solicitor–client privilege, nor is it taking into consideration all of the facts of your matter beyond those in the question. The legal information is specific to British Columbia Law. If you want a more thorough and case-specific analysis of your legal matter, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

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