What is FMEP and how does it benefit me?

FMEP is an acronym that stands for Family Maintenance and Enforcement Plan. It is a service run by the provincial government that keeps track of and enforces child and spousal support payments on behalf of the payor or the payee. One or both parties can register for the service if they have an entered court order.

There are a couple of different scenarios where you would want to be registered with FMEP. The first and most common is to collect support payments on your behalf that you should be receiving but aren’t. They can communicate with your ex so you don’t have to, and they have many tools at their disposal to recapture the owed support. The second reason you may want to be registered with FMEP is to prove that you have made the payments that you claim to have made. Sometimes your ex will say that they haven’t received the money when they have and it is helpful to have proof and to not have to communicate with them directly about money. At Swiftsure Law, we specialize in obtaining enforceable orders for our clients.

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