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Divorce & Separation Agreements

Discreetly Resolving Complex Separations

A separation agreement is a legally-binding document that is filed with, and fully enforceable by, the court. While you may be motivated to resolve your divorce or separation quickly, agreeing to something that hurts you can have costs that far outweigh the benefits of a speedy resolution.

We future-proof agreements by inserting proper clauses that stand the test of time. Whether as part of your file or the formalization of a draft document with your partner or mediator, our attention to detail and honest assessment will ensure an agreement that has your best interests in mind. Some of the many factors we consider include:

  • Child Guardianship, Custody & Access

  • Support - Child & Spousal

  • Property and Asset Division

  • Debt Liability Management

  • Tax implications

  • Relocation with Children

  • Appeal Process

  • End-Dates

  • Death and Illness

  • Full File Review

  • and many more...​

Complexity is our Specialty 


Many of our clients have complex asset structures that require a high level of expertise in the financial and tax implications that a separation agreement can have. Working in family law, we're able to anticipate these effects and structure your agreement terms in a way that maximizes asset retention. 

Private & Confidential


Separation agreements (or Settlements) are completely private documents that keep your financial, tax, and personal information from public access. We understand the importance of discretion and do everything we can to ensure your separation agreement remains private. 


To discuss how we can help you with your family law needs, please book a consult today:


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