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Family Law

Experience and Strategic Representation

While other law firms trend towards a generalized service offering, we remain focused on what we love - practicing family law. We get to work with real families through real problems and provide resolution and closure.

Working with us, you get a tenacious team of legal minds that have the expertise, strategy, and strength to resolve your legal matters with skill and discretion. Swiftsure Law provides a range of services in the realm of family law, including but not limited to those below:

Strategic Representation


Swiftsure Law has a proven track record of achieving positive results for its clients both inside and outside of the courtroom. Careful planning and a crafted strategic presentation win the day. Short, surgically-precise court hearings and clear firm communications are often enough to motivate opposing parties to consider favourable settlement. It is always preferable to negotiate a settlement on family law matters if possible as it keeps proceedings private and dignified, and it keeps costs to a minimum.



Sometimes there is no other choice then to put your case in the hands of a judge to make the final decisions. If you find yourself facing a multi-day trial, you need a powerhouse legal team behind you who can protect you from the process while presenting the most effective case possible. Swiftsure Law has successfully represented our clients in many highly-contentious matters in BC Supreme and Provincial courts, as well as at Arbitration hearings. Trial produces final orders, and for those clients who are forced into these circumstances can be the only way to achieve resolution.

Wealth Preservation


Our clients work hard and plan carefully for many years to build their lives and their children's futures. It is essential to ensure that at each step of the way the people who matter to you are protected.


We believe that it makes good sense to negotiate a Marriage or Co-Habitation agreement in advance of the wedding or moving in together while you are best able to communicate and plan together - this sets the stage for a long and prosperous union when the hard questions are asked and answered right up front.

Independent Legal Advice (ILA Certification)


Please come see us for ILA if you are being asked to sign an agreement that has been negotiated when you didn't have a lawyer. Legal agreements are binding and enforceable documents. A detailed review by a legal professional with an eye to protect your interests, could mean the difference between a good agreement that stands the test of time or one that haunts you for years to come. Come see us before you sign!

Second Opinion - Full File Review

When doubts start to creep in about either a settlement or going to trial, it may help to get a fresh perspective on your active file. Regardless of whether you are at the beginning or the middle of a court proceeding, we can help you to see where there may be gaps in your case. This process can free your mind to move forward with a renewed sense of confidence or a clear decision to change paths.

Our Other Areas of Focus:

To discuss how we can help you with your family law needs, please book a consult today:


"I have been very impressed with Swiftsure Law.  John Nelson is a very personable man who inspires great confidence in the law and really made me feel supported with my legal issues.

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