LGBTQ Family Law

Helping navigate the complexities of LGBTQ-sensitive family law

Most of the legal needs of the LGBTQ community are no different than their heterosexual counterparts (support, custody, property division, etc.), but there are situations where the interpretation of LGBTQ-sensitive issues can make material changes to a case.


We have extensive experience aiding clients from the LGBTQ community and, just as importantly, explaining their specific needs to the courts in a way that's easily understood. When a case comes across our desks that has no legal precedent to refer to, our team's creativity and problem solving skills shine. 

Guardianship & Custody

Guardianship and custody is one of the primary areas where the law is interpreted differently for same-sex couples, and specifically in the area of in-vitro fertilization and surrogate births. Whereas the courts interpret the state of a heterosexual relationship at the time of the child's birth, in-vitro-assisted births assess the relationship at the time of conception. While this is a somewhat subtle difference, it could greatly affect how the courts interpret your position.

Gender Dysphoria

There is growing legal precedent in British Columbia, and Canada, to address gender dysphoria within the scope of family law. Parents may not always acknowledge their child's position on the subject, but as the legal guardian they can make decisions that affect the course of treatment. This legal frontier is evolving more and more every day, and we're on the forefront of that conversation.

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