Q: Am I allowed to get my son's hair cut? My ex always complains it is crooked and too short.

Q. My ex complains every time I take my son for a hair cut he says that it is crooked and too short. I am allowed to get my son’s hair cut right?

A: Absolutely you are allowed! In fact, it is your obligation as a guardian of your son under Section 37 of the BC Family Law act to make sure he is clean, groomed and well cared for.

Ideally you would communicate with your ex about the need for a hair cut and include them in the discussion about where to get the service and what type of style to request.

As your son gets older it will likely be his choice how his hair is styled and both of you will have to respect his choice. My clients often find that taking their children to a hair salon rather then doing the cut themselves helps to diffuse any criticism from the other parent.

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