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Q: I am newly separated from my ex, what is the first thing I should do?

A: Take a deep breath in this strange new world and go find a good lawyer! Someone who can guide you through the complicated process of untangling many years of life. Swiftsure Law prides itself on guiding our clients through this process to achieve resolution. Some other tips from the trenches of family law practice include creating your own identity with new email addresses, new phone, block computers, bank accounts, change addresses, change passwords. The marriage as you knew it is over and it is important to set up the foundation for your future as an independent individual. Trust me, you want to ensure that your computers and phones are no longer linked.

*Any guidance provided is not covered by solicitor client privilege, nor is it taking into consideration all of the facts of your matter beyond those in the question. The legal information is specific to British Columbia Law. If you want a more thorough and case-specific analysis of your legal matter please CONTACT US to arrange a consultation.

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