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Real Estate

Mortgages, agreements, transfers, liens, and CPLs

We specialize in Commercial and residential real estate

For most people, the purchase, sale or refinance of their real estate is likely the biggest financial transaction in their lives. Whether you are purchasing, selling, acquiring an investment property, or refinancing an existing property our real estate team is here to advise you of every step along the way to carefully explain each step along the way, including the costs involved, and the considerations unique to your transaction to give you an exceptional client experience.


Whether you are a first-time home buyer or if this is the 20th home you are purchasing, our real estate group will advise you of every step to demystify the real estate purchase process. Our aim is to make your real estate transaction easy to understand.


When time comes to refinance your existing mortgage for that long-awaited renovation or to access equity for investments our real estate team can guide you to make your real estate transaction as seamless as possible.


When you are ready to sell your home, selecting a real estate agent and listing on the MLS is just the start. Our real estate team will provide you with sound legal advice along the way with a clear explanation unique to your situation such as paying out existing mortgages and other charges on the title. Our goal is to make your closing as hassle-free as possible.

co-owner agreements

If you are considering buying real estate with friends or family our real estate team can properly advise you of the potential risks by creating a co-ownership agreements that sets out the rules and responsibilities of all the co-owners. While you might think you don’t need such an agreement, we have seen first hand the conflict that ensues if you don’t have such an agreement.

Come talk with our team to protect your rights and reduce the likelihood of future conflict.


"I have been very impressed with Swiftsure Law.  John Nelson is a very personable man who inspires great confidence in the law and really made me feel supported with my legal issues."

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